About Elmo

I'm a fullstack web developer with 15+ years experience in building web apps for millions of users.

I come from a background of web design and development. I'm most experienced in frontend development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) and backend with PHP, MySQL, Apache.

Lately I've set to mastering Vanilla JavaScript (ES) and various JS libraries, like React.

I've been operating my own web properties with millions of users, for over 8 years. My sites are mostly Finnish and have around 1M visitors per month (1/5 of Finnish people).

Because I've operated sites with lot of traffic, I can handle all aspects of building and operating a site. Including server and cloud setup, backend optimization (tools like Varnish, Redis), performance optimization (code & SQL optimization, frontend optimization including browser rendering optimization of JavaScript & CSS), CDN & caching and so on.

My recent project was Muistipuisto, a Progressive Web App for helping people with memory illness. I was responsible for the technical development and worked with tools like AngularJS, Backbone, jQuery and Wordpress. What is cool about the app, besides that it is helping people with memory related issues, is that it runs offline and fullscreen on your mobile device, has push notifications and all this without app install. That's because it's a PWA.

Before I have been part of many startups and web companies, such as Sofanatics.com, Kuvake.net (around 20 million weekly pageviews) and Mikseri.net, Puolustusvoimat and Planeetta Internet.

I've also worked with Cordova for Android development and Flash & Flex for frontend and iOS development.

I built this site with Next.js, which is a React framework.